Unruly Mom Tasered By Mall Cop


Darien Long, a security guard at Metro Mall in downtown Atlanta, deals with unruly patrons each day. Sometimes, they threaten him with violence.

Long regularly records these encounters, but one 5-minute video — which was shot in May of last year — has recently gone viral. The video captures Long tazering an unidentified woman hurling foul language at him in front of her small children at Metro Mall.

Though the cause of the altercation is unclear, the mother is clearly miffed at Long for addressing her children in what she considered to be a disrespectful tone.

“Security! Don’t yell at my muthaf**king baby,” she yelled. “She not inside this raggedyass mall. So you not finna yell at her!” She continues, “You looking over there. But you hear what I’m saying to your pu*sy ass! Don’t muthaf**kin yell at them!”

Oh, it gets much worse.


Instead of leaving the mall, the woman continues yelling obscenities at Long. She then encourages her young children to call the man “gay.” By this time, Long had retreated into the store he was guarding, but the woman, her children and another unidentified woman accompanying her continued to yell at the guard. The children then enter the store, ignoring the guard’s order to their mother to remove them from the premises.

Instead of complying, she followed her offspring into the store and physically confronts the guard. After she begins throwing punches at him, Long  took out his Tazer and fired at the mother. She hit the floor immediately as her children stood near her crying hysterically. A man, who identified the children as “my babies,” expressed anger at Long for tazering the woman and threatened him.

“I’ll see you at six o’clock,” the man said numerous times.

Watch video of Long tazering the mother below:

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  1. Erik

    July 18, 2017 at 11:11 pm

    And then the arrested the security guard… shame

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