This Elephant Spent Hours Digging A Hole. The Reason Is Absolutely Heart Wrenching…


This video is incredible! I cannot believe it!

A mother’s love truly overcomes anything.

This elephant found that her baby was stuck in a well. Her first instinct? To try to get it out, of course.

This elephant momma had a little more trouble ahead of her than she probably expected. She ended up spending 11 hours trying to rescue her baby from that hole.

But sadly, because there was so much mud and sand around the well, the well-meaning mom only managed to put more sand in the well, trapping her baby further.

But it’s clear from the video that there’s no way she was going to give up. When one angle wasn’t working, she just went around and tried another.

After 11 hours of this, the concerned onlookers found a way to help this poor pachyderm.

They distracted the mom with a truck full of bananas (because who wouldn’t be hungry after 11 hours of child-rescuing?) and dug out the sand that the mom had accidentally packed in, which allowed her to reach in with her trunk and rescue her baby.

Wow! What a heartwarming story! Watch her try to save her poor baby!

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