Heck Ya– Police Officers Save The Day, Put THIS On The Back Of Cocky Thug’s Truck… LOL!


Stupid drug dealer thought he could outsmart two men in blue. However, the criminal got a little too cocky as police officers give them a little piece of their own medicine. This criminal messed with the wrong cops… Watch as these officers get the last laugh~ LOL! 

Mad World News reports about cocky thug got exactly what he had coming to him after police officers found him and got the last laugh with what they put on the back of his truck. Karma finally caught up with this creep, and since he had taken so much from society, police returned the “favor” by taking something of his that he can never get back.

When you decide to live life as a thug, you deserve nothing but prison time and losing everything that’s important to you. A criminal’s disgusting actions often cost innocent people their property, safety, and oftentimes their lives, and this particular felon was no exception. Unfortunately for him, he messed with the wrong police department. They made sure that he, and the rest of the town, knew exactly how bad he screwed up.

According to allthatsnews:

“This vehicle belonged to a drug dealer: He went to jail and we are driving his car,” said big, black letters on the back of the white truck.

A Twitter user snapped a photo of the truck and posted it online. The amusing display has now gone viral and the truck is serving as a warning to people online everywhere.

Cops get the last laugh after confiscating a drug dealer’s truck.


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