Video: Famous Actor Tim Allen Blasts Idiot Liberal Hypocrisy In His Last Episode


Tim Allen is no fan of hating liberals and their politically correct nonsense. To make sure everyone knows how he feels, Tim decides to go off on libs in his Friday night episode. Have a look, it’s good!

TheBlaze reports, Tim Allen makes no secret of his dislike for all things liberal and politically correct — and the actor/comedian frequently gives wings to his views on his ABC sitcom “Last Man Standing.”

Take Friday night’s episode — the aptly titled “Precious Snowflake” — as an example.

His targets are college campuses, specifically the rise of university “microaggressions” — the ever-growing list of words and actions that students, faculty and administrators have deemed unacceptable and often punishable.

YourNationNews adds,

Tim’s Allen’s character, who is named Mike Baxter, stated that he knew what microaggressions were. He stated that the term was coined by the liberals in order to stop free speech. Mike did not think about those microaggressions when he was writing his speech. He allowed his wife, Vanessa, to read the speech that he wrote.


Vanessa stated that she was concerned about some of the things her husband said in the speech. She stated that the police would not approve of the speech. Tim stated that the liberals would also be offended by his speech. Mike ended up not giving the speech. A Pakistan immigrant ended up speaking in his place. However, Mike’s daughter, Mandy, applauded her father for his bravery and willingness to speak his mind despite the fact that other people would get offended.

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Boom! And there you have it people! Tim Allen once again tells the honest truth.

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