HOLY COW! Couple Thinks They Found Rusty Old Cans In Their Yard, Quickly Discover They’re Now Millionaires!


There are 6 Hidden Treasures That Are Still Waiting To Be Found (Maybe By You?)

It’s impossible to know if a treasure legend is true until the riches are actually found, but below is a roundup of troves that actually seem worth hunting for.

1. The Forrest Fenn Treasure of the Rocky Mountains

Man Hides Millions in Treasure

2. The Oak Island money pit

Oak Island treasure map

3. The Treasure of Lima

4. The Nazi gold in Lake Toplitz, Austria.

5. La chouette d’or, the golden owl hidden in France

la chouette dor

6. Lake Guatavita and the original legend of “El Dorado”

But recently a couple stumbled upon one treasure never mentioned before… and it has changed their lives forever!

Reported by awm,

When one Nevada couple was walking their dog in the backyard that they had frequented often, they stumbled upon a shocking discovery. At first it didn’t look like much…just an old rusty tin can embedded in the ground and mostly concealed by the dirt and grass. Seeing the top of the cans, they thought it was just a disc of some sort. They certainly didn’t think that they could be filled with anything.

After a find that is as mundane as a tin can, most people would probably just walk away and chalk it up to trash. But, luckily this couple took the extra step and looked inside the can and what they found took their breath away…

A fortune worth of gold coins dating back to the 19th century. Upon closer inspection, there were more cans hidden nearby in the dirt, all of which contained coins and all appeared to be in good condition. Each coin is a $20 denomination with a liberty head etched on the front side. After revealing what was inside the first can, the couple felt like they were struck with luck so they went to work digging for more. And it’s a good think they did, as they discovered eight cans total. That’s a lot of coin!

As you can see in the photo below, the can lids look like old discs, but the insides are filled with shiny coins…

The estimated face value of the coins is $27,000 but could fetch up to $10,000,000 at auction due to their rarity. Attorneys are currently working with the lucky couple to determine what will be done with the coins and if they will be allowed to keep any of the money.

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We can be sure that they are crossing their fingers.

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