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CNN’s Cuomo Calls A Single Mother ‘Cheap’ For Not Liking Obamacare, She Crushes Him In One Sentence


A single mom, Mary Katherine Ham, has two children in America.

Ham talks about the horrors of Obamacare’s “essential health benefits” for her and her family.

Ham is not happy with the way health insurance companies are so-called required to offer help in all of their plans but fail to do so.

Many conservatives have already brought this issue up… we want to know why instead of affordable prices, health insurance costs for the majority have increased under Obamacare.

According to conservative101,

Ham started by arguing that liberals are exaggerating about what will happen if you repeal Obamacare.

“On the essential health benefits, the idea that you gut all the essential health benefits and then there are no requirements of insurance companies is just not true. This is a highly regulated industry and it would go back to the state regulations. So there would be plenty of those preserved. And the pre-existing conditions part, which you’re discussing, is part of this package,” argued Ham.

“That’s part of balancing this whole act and trying to bring down these prices because you, sir, are paying for pediatric dental even if you don’t have children. That is a problem,” she said. This is where Cuomo got rude. “There’s a reason for that” started Cuomo. “Yeah, because liberals love federal power,” Ham immediately shot back.

“Look, you can be cheap about it or you can look at the facts. You make your choice,” said Cuomo. Wow. “You can be nasty about it, or you can listen to me,” said Ham. Awesome! Ham then continued to argue her point.

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All Obamacare did was turn a health insurance policy into a catastrophic disaster!

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