Eric Bolling Has Brutal News For RINOs Graham And Kasich, They’re So Screwed [Details]


We have heard that Eric Bolling is quite the happy man having both personal life and professional life in perfect balance.

Professional life might be easy to handle but what about his married life? Let’s know about the man who gets criticized for his high pay.

Caption: Eric Bolling wedding picture with wife Adrienne Bolling.

Eric Bolling is a popular TV personality and news anchor attached to Fox News. He is the popular co-host of the evening talk show The Five. Bolling is also the host of the Fox Business Channel program ‘Cash in’. He successfully replaced the Fox Channel Business anchor Cheryl Casone who hosted the TV show from September 2009 to January 2013.

According to conservative101,

Fox News’ Eric Bolling usually calls out liberals for what they are doing to our country, but this time he had his sights fixed squarely upon RINOs who are blocking Trump’s agenda, particularly his work on our country’s bloated budget and his plan to fix our healthcare system that was wrecked under Obama. Said Bolling on Cashin’ In regarding Trump, “he’s getting pushback on every policy initiate he proposes. They fight him, they make ridiculous demands, they put up political roadblocks.” Bolling made sure to state, “I’m talking about the establishment Republicans.”

Bolling traced this animosity back to the campaign, saying that “the never-trumpets old-school Republicans tried to de-rail the Trump Train for a year.” Bolling also chided RINOs for crafting a nonstarter “Obamacare 2.0” bill, and blamed former “Never Trumper” paul Ryan for making a bill that “will be worse for the American middle class than keeping Obamacare.”

Bolling also questioned aloud whether Ryan’s plan with the substandard bill was to torpedo Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign. He also locked in on Lindsey Graham and John McCain, asking, “Who are these two has-been senators to demand the president do anything for them?” He warned them to “get on board [the Trump Train] or get out of the way. The Trump Train is an express to prosperity, no stops in RINO-Land planned.” Do you agree with Eric? Watch below:

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It’s honestly really sad to see these men doing all they can to stop our president from accomplishing all the things he promised to do for this country.

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