DEAR CNN: Gen. Flynn Was In TRUMP TOWER When His Phone Was TAPPED – Duh!


White House press secretary Sean Spicer said Thursday that President Trump “stands by” his allegation that former president Barack Obama ordered wiretapping surveillance of Trump Tower last fall, despite statements from the leaders of congressional investigations that no evidence had been found to support the claim.

In a remarkably combative exchange with reporters at his daily news briefing, Spicer was asked whether Trump still believes Obama ordered the alleged surveillance effort.

“He stands by it,” Spicer said, going on to assail journalists for the way they have reported on the controversy.

Reported by clashdaily,

The Media (D) is convinced that President Trump is crazy with his wiretapping allegations, but Newt Gingrich says that there is indeed some ‘there’ there. Here’s his proof…

Gingrich was on the O’Reilly Factor discussing the allegations of wiretapping made by President Trump.

First, Bil O’Reilly cuts through all the crap and enumerates the facts, which are scarce.

Unfortunately, there are only two facts in this whole swamp of accusations.

First, the calls between General Michael Flynn and the Russian ambassador were tapped by somebody and a portion of the conversations was given to the Washington Post.

So who tapped the call? We don’t know.

The second fact is that President Obama allowed Attorney General Loretta Lynch to change the way U.S. intelligence agencies share unconfirmed data.

That happened in January, just a few days before Mr. Obama left office.

The result? Leaks sprouted all over the place, leaks that were damaging to the Trump administration. So why did President Obama change the intel standards? We don’t know.

But Donald Trump apparently believes it was to sabotage his incoming administration. That’s the only factual information we have.

The entire tawdry mess is based on the Russian hacking, which bedeviled the Clinton campaign. As stated, some anti-Trump people accuse the president and his acolytes of working with the Russians. But the director of national intelligence under President Obama said he found no evidence of that.

Then Gingrich comes on and drops the bombshell of the obvious that seems to elude ‘journalists’.

Watch the Talking Points Memo, then the mic drop moment from Newt from the 10:20 mark:

Gen. Flynn’s phone was wiretapped while he was in Trump Tower.

As Gingrich points out, President Trump is surrounded by partisans that oppose him. The vast majority of the Justice Department, the State Department, and the bureaucracy supported Hillary in the election.

They want his administration to fail.

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NEVER forget that President Trump did not become a billionaire by being stupid and naïve… He is playing chess and knows their moves even before they do!

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