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Palin Crushes Keith Olbermann After He Bashes Cruz’s Little Girls


Elected in 2006, Sarah Palin was Alaska’s first female governor and the youngest governor elected in the state.

Sarah Palin, McCain’s 2008 running mate, is the second woman and first Republican female to run for vice president on a U.S. major party’s ticket.

She is motivated and stays focused on what she wants to achieve.

Reported by worldnewspolitics,

Sarah Palin came to the rescue of some innocent girls after ultra-liberal Keith Olbermann bashed them. It all happened at what should have been a good thing for the country but was dragged through the mud by the liberal media.

Two former political rivals shared a dinner to find common ground because they want to move the country forward. But TedCruzz and Donald Trump and horribly Ted’s little girls were bashed by the leftist wing of the liberal media.

Keith Olbermann, always looking for a scandal like a child looking for easter eggs sunk to new depths when he bashed Ted Cruz’s children for…meeting the President. What should be an honor the liberals turned into a disgrace.

This was too much for failed MSNBC host Keith Olbermann. Did you know Keith Olbermann used to date Trump’s favorite Katy Tur? She won’t admit it know but it’s true.

If a picture of children meeting the President can send thin skinned buffoon Olbermann into a rage what was he like at home Katy?  Keith attacked Ted Cruz and his children on a serious of tweets.

Sen. Cruz said of dinner with the President,

“It was a social evening, we had a very nice evening with the president and first lady, with Heidi and the girls. Catherine was most excited to bring Joe with her, the stuffed giraffe from her kindergarten class who every student takes home for a few days. And so Joe had a chance to have dinner with the president, which was a fun thing.”

Except to liberals. Sarah Palin destroyed Olbermann reminding him of his TV show’s favorite bit.

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Good job Sarah!


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