What Is a Budget Proposal?

A budget proposal is an estimate of the future costs, revenues and resources over a specific period of time. Both the business world and almost all levels of government use this type of financial tool. A budget proposal can be tailored to deal with complex financial figures, like those used by the federal government, or it can used with much smaller financial numbers, like a single business project.

To be successful, a budget proposal must quantify a business’ objectives and identify how those objectives may be reached. A budget proposal accomplishes this task by creating benchmarks throughout the year, identifying when goals should be met and the level of performance necessary for those benchmarks to be attainable.

Reported by worldnewspolitics,

President Trump issued his first budget proposal today for FY 2018. He provided a budget that tracks directly with his campaign promise to put “America First” by eliminating wasteful government spending and reigning in our $21 trillion debt.

Trump’s proposed cuts fall into 3 broad categories:

  1. Duplicative services provided by other governmental agencies or programs
  2. Services best delivered by states and localities
  3. Services that could survive on private funding or endowments

The Daily Wire provided a list of the 11 agencies President Trump proposed cutting that the Left is most likely to howl about. These 11 agencies account for approximately $1.7 billion in proposed cuts for 2018.

National Endowment for the Arts and Humanities. The arts and humanities are predominately funded through private donations and private foundation endowments. For example, in 2011 NEA and NEH received $13.1 billion in private funding compared to $292 million in federal government funding. President Trump believes that’s $292 million the government can save, and private funding can pick up the slack.

Corporation for Public Broadcasting. CPB is the agency that funds NPR and PBS at the rate of approximately $485 million per year. PBS is perhaps best known for Sesame Street and Downton Abbey.  With the tremendous success of NPR and PBS, the President predicts both can find private foundation or other commercial funding to supplement their budget.

Legal Services Corporation. LSC was designed as an agency to provide legal services to poor individuals. In fact, the LSC “focuses “on lawsuits on behalf of leftist causes” and is ” rife with wasteful spending.” President Trump’s budget cuts out this agency’s $375 million annual budget.

U.S. Trade and Development Agency. The function of this agency was to help develop trade with other countries. This function is duplicated by several other governmental agencies. Cutting this agency would result in $594 million over 10 years.

Woodrow Wilson International Program for Scholars.  This program provides scholarships in humanities and social services. The program costs approximately $11 million per year. There are many private endowments that could step up to provide these types of scholarships.

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Finally we are on the right track to eliminate all the useless expenditures…

President Trump, will be the greatest President, ever elected.

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