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After Video of Beating, Al Sharpton Rep. Calls for ‘Arab’ Shop Owners to ‘Go Back to Their Country’


The honest facts might surprise every American after they realize the latest data on the amounts assets owned by foreign individuals in the U.S..

Foreign-owned American assets increased to $35.5 trillion, while only $24.5 trillion was owned by Americans. This leaves us with a HUGE deficit of over $8 trillion in investments.

What we are starting to notice is foreigners are quietly acquiring large pieces of America and most Americans do not even realize it.

Note: This article contains coarse language that may offend some readers.

According to ijr,

As Live 5 News reports, however, tcommunity activists are now demanding not only that the store be closed — but that its employees be charged for what a bystander filmed them doing to Mazyck:

The video — which appears to show store clerks armed with a gun, sword, and piece of wood hit and threaten Mazyck — has earned more than 13,000 shares on Facebook alone since it was uploaded on March 29.

The owner of the store has said that Mazyck “frequently causes trouble at the shop,” claiming that he used a knife that police recovered at the scene to cut and threaten to kill his employees.

A group of protesters, including Elder James Johnson of the National Action Network (NAN) — a civil rights organization founded by Rev. Al Sharpton — see things very differently, however.

Saying that there are dozens of “foreigner” and “Arab”-owned business in the area that they would no longer allow to “rape our community” — and that the violence seen in the video is indicative of “Sharia law” — Johnson urged his community to boycott the store:

Johnson, the South Carolina state representative for NAN, added:

“They need to go back to their country where their laws are different from our laws …

We sending a message to all the Arab and the foreigner stores in North Charleston and the city of Charleston that we gonna stop you from taking money from our community and putting none back in it.”

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