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Many families are complying to Chechnya’s rule to kill their gay children.

During the month of April, reports came flying in of gay men being gathered up in detention camps in Chechnya. In these “concentration camps” the subjects are tortured beyond measure until their death.

So far, over 100 gay men have been captured and detained to be killed according to a Russian newspaper. The horrifying report started when rumors began about gay men “mysteriously disappearing off the streets of the Russian republic.”

“Dozens of men between the ages of 16 and 50 have been detained in connection with their nontraditional sexual orientation, or suspicion of such,” according to Novaya Gazeta as quoted in the Times.

Reported by miloyiannopoulos,

The violence against members of the LGBTQ community in Muslim-majority Chechnya is escalating, with parents reportedly being encouraged to kill their gay sons.

The Daily Mail reports this as fact, stating that these orders come directly from Chechnya’s leader Ramzan Kadyrov, who allegedly wants to purge the region’s gay community by the end of May.

One survivor reportedly spoke with France24 and told the outlet, “they tell the parents to kill their child. They say, ‘either you do it or we will.’ They call it ‘cleaning your honor with blood.””

The survivor reportedly went on to say, “they tortured a man for two weeks [then] summoned his parents and brothers who all came. The authorities say to them, ‘your son is a homosexual – sort it out or we’ll do it ourselves.’”

Some family members are reportedly complying.

Hear this survivor – and others – share their account below.

Despite continued reports from NGOs and human rights groups, Kadyrov continues to deny that any persecution is taking place.

“There are no homosexuals in Chechnya,” a spokesman for Kadyrov said according to The Daily Mail. “You cannot detain and persecute those who do not exist.”

To the contrary, The Daily Mail cites Britain’s Sir Alan Duncan, who reportedly told MPs last week that “sources have said [Kadyrov] wants the community eliminated by the start of Ramadan.”

The mainstream media is paying attention – but many still fail to point out the Islamic nature of the attack against gays in Chechnya.

This is nothing new. Last month, as reports began circulating of the violence against gays in Chechnya, many accused the mainstream media of covering up the details.

“Why won’t left-leaning publications say what’s on everyone’s minds?” wrote MILO at the time. “Why does this gay publication, for instance, compare what’s happening in Chechnya to Hitler and the Holocaust without once mentioning that Chechnya is 95% Muslim?”

In an article published today, The Huffington Post has made that very same omission, not once mentioning the words “Muslim,” “Islam,” or even touching on the religion that is prompting the violence.

Even Hillary Clinton has addressed the violence, choosing to point her finger at President Trump for not speaking up about the matter instead of the Muslims committing it.

The failed Presidential candidate declared that the United States must “demand” an end to the violence, not once stating that it was being committed by people of the very same religion she vowed to let flood into the United States.

The Agence France-Presse gets it right, reporting that “while casual homophobia is common in Russia, the problem is particularly acute in conservative Chechnya, where homosexuality is taboo and seen in many families as a moral failing that should be punished by death.”

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