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Evergreen Student Activists Demand Video of Them Screaming, Cursing at College President Be Taken Offline


Recently in Olympia, Washington, students at Evergreen State College are pressing for the termination of a single professor who dismissed an event he didn’t see eye to eye on.

This event is an annual tradition at the College known as the “Day of Absence.” Minority members in the community are able to leave school campus for the day to emerge themselves in seminars and discussions about what is means to be a minority in the US.

Biology professor Bret Weinstein took a stand for what he knows is authentic truth and published an opposition to the traditional “Day of Absence.” In his resistance, Weinstein was able to denounce the event. He argued, “on a college campus, one’s right to speak–or to be–must never be based on skin color.”

“I do not believe students of color are targeted in the sciences here, but maybe I misunderstand what you mean by targeted,” Weinstein said. “I do not believe that anybody on our faculty, with intent, especially targets students of color.”

Reported by breitbart,

Students at Evergreen College, demanding the suspension of a professor who opposed a school event asking white students and staff to leave campus, are demanding that a video of their protest efforts published online be taken down.

“We demand that the video created for Day of Absence and Day of Presence that was stolen by white supremacists and edited to expose and ridicule the students and staff be taken down by the administration by this Friday,” the students wrote in a list of demands to college President George Bridges.

The video depicts student protesters screaming and shouting on campus in response to Professor Bret Weinstein’s refusal to participate in a campus event in which white community members were asked to leave the school for a day. The video spread throughout social media.

The students in the videos demanded that it be taken down, a request which would have been difficult for the administration to comply with due to the nature of social media and the internet. They claimed that the video had been stolen by “white supremacists” and demanded that it be taken down by Friday.

Based on conversations with the Attorney General’s office, the most likely course of action requires an investigation. We commit to launching an extensive forensic investigation of the theft of this video and to determining who stole it from the student. If that investigation yields a suspect, we will seek criminal charges against the individual in consultation with the Attorney General.

The video includes profane language and includes a segment in which students hurl expletives at college president George Bridges, who largely complied with the group’s demands.

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