FBI agent moves to Syria to marry ISIS terrorist; guess what happens NEXT…


The word Jihad is known as a muslims “effort” or “struggle” to defend their faith.

It is an individuals fight to be a good Muslim for the faith against unbelievers.

What is the difference between jihadists and Islamists?

“Jihadists see violent struggle as necessary to eradicate obstacles to restoring God’s rule on Earth and defending the Muslim community, or umma, against infidels and apostates”

According to allenbwest,

There are times when folks ask me a simple question: will we be able to defeat Islamic jihadism? It’s a great question because we’ve provided these terrorists a full, almost ten-year head start due to a lack of a strategic vision to deny them sanctuary, cut off their flow of men and materiel support, defeat their propaganda campaign, and isolate them.

We’ve sat back and enabled their stealth jihadist advance team to undermine our national security strategy with our political correctness, and complete obfuscation as to the nature of who they are…and their objective. Honestly, it’s time we stop concerning ourselves with what domestic “civilizational jihad” groups such as the Council for American Islamic Relations (CAIR) and others think or say. I find it completely disgusting when speaking on college campuses and these students get angry with me because of something I’ve said…seems they don’t like to be “offended.”

It’s time to let them know we in the western world don’t like to be killed. And while we shall not condemn an entire group of individuals – Muslims — we should neither be intimidated nor coerced into denying the issue.

Nor, should we continue down the insidious Islamophobic yellow brick road of “let’s all get along and spread compassion, unity, and love with the enemy.”

Amazingly, a former FBI agent wanted to share some love with an Islamic jihadi, and here’s how that turned out.

As reported by CNN, “An FBI translator with a top-secret security clearance traveled to Syria in 2014 and married a key ISIS operative she had been assigned to investigate, CNN has learned. The rogue employee, Daniela Greene, lied to the FBI about where she was going and warned her new husband he was under investigation, according to federal court records.

Greene’s saga, which has never been publicized, exposes an embarrassing breach of national security at the FBI—an agency that has made its mission rooting out ISIS sympathizers across the country. It also raises questions about whether Greene received favorable treatment from Justice Department prosecutors who charged her with a relatively minor offense, then asked a judge to give her a reduced sentence in exchange for her cooperation, the details of which remain shrouded in court-ordered secrecy. The man Greene married was no ordinary terrorist.

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  1. Jack

    May 3, 2017 at 1:59 pm

    Shot the bitch for treason against America

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