Illegal Immigration

Chicago Mayor Emanuel Touts Social Services for Illegal Aliens


Chicago mayor has decided to join the Democrats who would disobey an executive order from the POTUS.

Illegal immigration is a huge problem for a number of reasons and all President Trump is attempting to do is get a handle on the illegal part, not hault immigration altogether forever.  Why these liberal politicians refuse to see the logic they are completely ignoring is beyond me.

Now Chicago mayor has initiated a campaign that allows immigrants access to taxpayers money in order to properly defend themselves in immigration court. However this would give ILLEGAL immigrants access to the funds also. What is the point of wasting American taxpayers money to defend an immigrant who knowingly broke the law in order to enter the country without permission. What’s there defense exactly?

Via Breitbart:

The ‘One Chicago’ campaign is designed to “facilitate access” of public services to foreign refugees, legal and illegal immigrants.

The campaign highlights the city’s legal defense fund, in which illegal immigrants can receive taxpayer-funded attorneys in order to fight deportation orders in immigration courts. The organization the city has teamed up with to help illegal immigrants and foreign refugees is the Resurrection Project, which is vehemently opposed to any reforms or halts on immigration.

The efforts by Emanuel to further obstruct cooperation with the Trump Administration and Attorney General Jeff Sessions on immigration issues come just as the City has refused to reverse its sanctuary status for illegal immigrants.

NO ONE disagrees that the country is made of immigrants as everyone immigranted to America one way or the other. Also NO ONE said immigrants on every level need to be stopped. President Trump is simply trying to find a way to have this all happen LEGALLY!

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