6 Insane Statements That Didn’t Stop Reality Winner from Getting Top-Secret Clearance


It is shocking how the typical checks have never raised any red flags until now…

Contractors who do government work through the Washington Navy Yard have not felt safe for over a decade at their jobs.

Apprehension has advanced after Aaron Alexis was free to continue working despite being discharged for violent behavior, killing 12 people with a shotgun he brought to work. 

“It’s shocking,” said Sidney Antommarchi, an enterprise architect for a firm that manages contracts for the Department of Defense. “I would expect a security clearance investigation would have turned up something like that.”

According to breitbart,

Winner, a government contractor lately with Pluribus International, stands accused of leaking a classified National Security Agency report on Russian hackers during the 2016 elections to left-wing news site The Intercept.

As the government has grown ever more dependent on the security clearance system to maintain confidentiality, the number of Americans holding clearances has skyrocketed. A 2013 report from the Office of the Director of National Intelligence found 4.9 million security clearances, 1.4 million of them Top Secret.

The massive list of positions both with the government and, like in Reality Winner’s case, with a private government contractor, that require clearances has led to a back log  at the Office of Personnel Management that can create a major obstacle to government employment.

In the pressure to get people approved for the clearances needed, several embarrassing lapses in vetting have come to light. For example, Washington Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis held a clearance, despite clear indications of psychological problems and a years-long pattern of violent behavior.

In Ms. Winner’s case, being the arch-millennial her extensive social media presence suggests she is, she posted many of her views and impulses for the world to see. Several red flags stick out in hindsight as to her possible unsuitability for access to the nation’s sensitive intelligence and defense information.

#1 “Being White is Terrorism”

On a Twitter account that appears to belong to the same Reality Winner who was arrested Saturday, “Sara Winners” displays casual anti-white attitudes, telling rapper Kanye West that he should make a shirt emblazoned with “being white is terrorism.” She also expressed her support for anti-law enforcement group Black Lives Matter in the most explicit of racial language, replete with campus social justice terminology:

Elsewhere the account makes seemingly endless tweets about climate change, the Civil War in Syria and Russia’s role there, and, of course, Donald Trump…

#2 “#LargerHands”

Winner made no attempt to hide her utter contempt for President Donald Trump and his followers: Retweeting common #Resist tropes like comments on the President’s hands and retweeting, for example, half a dozen examples of the following image:

#3 “Defeat ISIS With Starbucks”

On election night, Winner appeared to contract Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS). Her comments veered further into the bizarre, the upset election result apparently greatly upsetting her:

#4 “Donald Trump Burns Crosses”

Winner’s racially-charged disparagement of Trump supporters also intensified after the President’s shock victory in November, making frequent reference to the Ku Klux Klan:

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