Mystery bug bite lands Arizona man in the hospital


The human immune system creates antibodies to fight off foreign substances so we don’t get sick, however, sometimes our systems will see a certain substance as harmful even though it may not be.

When this happens, we get what doctors call an “allergic reaction.”

This can happen with any contact the body may have from food, medication, bugs, or even different types of environments.

When our bodies come into contact with these allergens, it may cause different symptoms like skin irritation, swelling, watery eyes, or sneezing.

Some people have allergies so severe it can cause anaphylaxis, a life-threatening condition that will cause shock. This may lead to respiratory failure and even heart attack.

From foxnews,

It was just another night taking the trash to the curb in Chandler, Arizona, until Thomas Jay suddenly felt a pinch followed by the “most excruciating pain” of his life.

He swatted off what looked like “a cross between a scorpion and a spider,” per Fox 10, and in just a few hours a tiny circle transformed into bruises covering his entire arm.

Jay was transferred between multiple hospitals until he reached one with a toxicology department as doctors scrambled to diagnose the problem. For now, a few weeks after the bite or sting, he is stable as they await biopsy results, reports

Jay and his wife, Dee Petrov, say the care has been excellent, and that they’ve received a lot of support through their community and now on GoFundMe.

(Commenters there are offering theories about the mystery bug.) They’ve also decided to enroll Jay in a case study, and to devote any funds raised above their $10,000 target toward research and education.

“Even though they may not be able to figure out what it was, they might be able to help other individuals as they learn from this situation,” he says.

(A spider temporarily paralyzed one woman’s arm after biting her.)

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