Farmer Is Determined To Help This Incredibly Rare Creature Find A New Home


Spiders are often quite harmless, but that doesn’t stop us from being absolutely horrified at the sight off them. Sure, they might do great things for the environment, but there is something about them that’s undeniably icky.

Yet, they truly are fascinating creatures—especially this particular spider that was recently found in China. If you can manage your fear, you’re in for a real treat!

This particular spider is actually a member of an ancient species, and documentation of it has been limited. That’s why it’s so impressive that it was finally captured on camera!

This rare spider with an unusually shaped abdomen was found by a Chinese orange farmer named Li Wenhua. Wenhua initially didn’t think it was a spider at all, but some kind of ancient cultural relic.

As soon as he realized what it was, he contacted his neighbors, who immediately came over to look at the rare creature. They couldn’t believe what they were seeing. While experienced with critters of all sort, this was something new.

After an internet search, Wenhua learned that the creature was a Chinese hourglass spider, or li shi pan fu zhu in Chinese. This was confirmed by Zhao Li, head of the Insect Museum of West China.

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