Right After Voting FOR ObamaCare Repeal, John McCain Just Stabbed Trump In The Back


In the past, Arizona Senator John McCain and the President Donald Trump have not been on the same path of cognacy when it comes to politics.

Now John McCain has just stepped up once again to show his true colors as he makes a triumphant comeback to Washington, D.C. to deliver a rebuke to all who ask whether he is truly a “maverick” despite being diagnosed with cancer a few days prior.

He then made a reckless move to condemn the Senate for turning its back on the democratic process and for calling a return to regular order.

Apparently, that is all it takes to impress some individuals of the political press: 


According to libertywriters,

It’s kinda funny, y’all. Part of me wants to tell you about the amazing speech John McCain made after he saved Republican’s final effort to repeal ObamaCare. Heck, it’s all the media can talk about. However, what nobody noticed was his SICK attacks on Trump during the speech.

That’s right, while most people saw him trying to rally the Senators, there was a much darker hidden agenda to the speech.

Let’s start with where he stands on the actual HealthCare repeal. Despite voting to open the debate, McCain made it very clear he will NOT support the actual bill and believes it will fail.

In fact, he described the bill they would be voting on as a piece of legislation secretly made behind closed doors with Trump. Then he ALSO said that Trump’s attitude of “getting something done” is bad.

Oh, and did Senator McCain stop there? Heck No! He went on to talk about how America is not about “Building Walls” but tearing them down.

Let’s get something straight. This is a very leftist statement. Also, why do they think you can equate abstract social walls to border walls to help regulate trade and crime? They are NOT the same thing and they know it!

What more can you expect from the man who funded the FAKE dirty dossier on President Trump?

So basically I agree with McCain 100% on the need for Congress to function properly, work together, and make a good healthcare plan for the American people. I do NOT agree with his clear bias against the President and the years of serving his donors interests over those of the American people.

I pray for 2 things for John McCain: First – recovery from his terminal illness ; Second – Have the common sense to retire.

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